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Showing all 3 results

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Our range of shaving products will give you the absolute best shaving experience ever. 

Our collection of zero-waste safety razors give a superior shave with reduced irritation and ingrown hairs. It’s a great long-run cost-effective purchase as it’s a sustainable and plastic-free shaving alternative. Seriously… this is the last razor you will ever buy. Simply replace the blade every few shaves and you’re good to go!

Prior to shaving, use our biodegradable agave exfoliating cloth to soften your skin. Say goodbye to razor burns by using our non-toxic almond-base shave oil or unscented handcrafted shave soap.

As for storing your safety razor and its accessories, we have you covered! Purchase our Safety Razor Storage Wrap for your razor, extra blades, and used blade bank.

With this great shaving experience, you’ll actually enjoy shaving. If you’re like us, you’ll make a whole self-care routine out of it!

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