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Canada’s top public health doctor, Dr. Theresa Tam, now recommends a 3-layer non-medical mask as the best protection during COVID-19. These extreme comfort, anti-fog, 3-layer facial masks will keep you and the ones around you the safest possible during these times.

After extensive research and testing, Guise Etiquette is able to provide a non-surgical facial mask that surpasses world standards and provides you with the ultimate protection against harmful germs. The outer hydrophobic layer restricts droplet penetration, the middle hydrophobic layer filters unwanted particles, and the inner hydrophilic layer wicks sweat and provides a cool space for your face.

  • 3-layers of protection
  • Built-in nose guard to eliminate eyewear fog
  • Earloops can be adjusted to fit your face perfectly
  • Rinse with soap and warm water
  • Clean up to 30 times until filtration efficiency begins to decrease
Material Initial Filtration Efficiency (%) Filter Quality Factor (1/kPa)
Cotton 5 5.4
Silk 4 2.8
Nylon 23 0.4
Polyester (our mask) 17 6.5 

Measurements: Approximately 8 inches across and 5 inches chin-to-nose with the nose flap deployed. These are a size large but can be shrunk in the wash for smaller faces.

Country of Origin: Vietnam. We only use manufacturers that are SA8000 Certified at a minimum.  This certification conveys a high standard of ethical manufacturing conditions using workers that are paid a living wage and operate in safe conditions.  Materials are sustainably sourced.  Please click the link above to learn more.

These are exclusive face masks from Guise Etiquette, only available in Canada on ChangeMarket.com in limited supply.

About the brand

Some stories start with a bang, while others with a flicker. Guise’s story began with a dilemma. In 2014, our founder, Ada Trinh faced a major problem while working as a film makeup artist. She discovered that the available men’s grooming products on the market were poorly scented and formulated with harsh chemicals. Her solution? An organic aftershave balm that stole the hearts of Hollywood’s elite and regular Joes alike — a product which became an instant onset and at-home essential. The first of its kind. Fast forward to today, Guise Etiquette has grown beyond the bathroom cabinet to create timeless lifestyle goods made accessible for everyone. In an ever-changing world, we strive to be a thoughtful constant through the turbulent motions of life. Like yin and yang, our products are designed to complement you for whatever state you find yourself in. Shop more products by this brand!

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