Konjac – Spaghetti

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Why you'll love it

Konjac is a low calorie, high fibre root vegetable that has been eaten in Japan for centuries. Our Konjac Noodles have a very neutral taste, taking on the flavour of your favourite sauces. They are made without wheat or soy using organic konjac, which is naturally free from gluten, carbs, fat, sodium and sugar – an excellent alternative to traditional noodles!

Ingredients (*Organic)

Purified Water, Organic Konjac Flour, Organic Oat Fibre (Juroat™), Hydrated Lime (in the water solution)

About the brand

At Better Than Foods, we have a range of healthy and tasty pasta noodles and rice alternatives. Our Organic Konjac range is made from organic Konjac flour from the Konjac plant. The Konjac plant (also known as Konnyaku) has been grown and consumed in Japan for many centuries. Konjac flour is made from the root of the Konjac plant, which is then used to make Konjac noodles, a Japanese staple food. Konjac is high in fibre and absorbs a lot of water. There is hardly any nutrition in Konjac noodles, including carbohydrates, sugar, salt and fat. However, it is a source of fibre and it is the fibre that helps keep you full. Shop more products by this brand!

How to recycle the packaging

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