Goodio Chocolate – Mint

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Why you'll love it

Refreshing mint chocolate made with traditionally grown peppermint leaves.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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Ingredients (*Organic)

Cacao bean*, coconut palm sugar*, cacao butter*, mint powder*. Chocolate, minimum 65% cacao content. May contain traces of nuts.

About the brand

Vegan craft chocolate from Finland. Goodio´s vision is to be a radically transparent company for the well-being of our people and our beloved planet. Goodio makes delicious organic chocolate with no dairy and no cane sugar. Goodio´s focus is on the organic and fair supply chain. Goodio has face-to-face relationships with the cacao farmers and the farmers are always paid more than the market price. Goodio chocolates are made with love and care and from start to finish in Finland and are wrapped up in Scandinavian design packaging. Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free and include no additives or refined sugar. Shop more products by this brand!

How to recycle the packaging

Cardboard / Boxboard: Remove liner bags and any food residue. Flatten and place directly into your curbside recycling bin for paper.

*Disclaimer: Check your city's website to ensure that this item can be properly recycled through either your curbside program or nearest recycling center.

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