Quinoa Rotini Sourdough Pasta – Large Bag!

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Crafted from their exhaustive research into natural fermentation processes, they have unlocked Nature’s most ancient and fascinating food. Pasta Fermentata is a revolutionary new culinary experience with exceptional flavour, superior texture and digestive properties. All gluten-grains like wheat, rye, spelt and Kamut®, must include a fermentation process which initiated the breakdown of the gluten in advance of human consumption. It is not the grain’s fault, but the modern way these grains are under-prepared prior to human consumption – that makes the difference.

Due to the sourdough fermentation, the pasta is somewhat more fragile when dried, but it, therefore, cooks much faster than regular pasta.

Tip: It is best to frequently taste the cooking pasta to ensure you achieve your preferred tenderness. For ‘Al Dente’, boil pasta circa 5 minutes. Avoid over-cooking.

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Ingredients (*Organic)

Durum Semolina Flour, Organic Quinoa Flour, Natural Spring Water, Natural Sourdough Culture, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About the brand

Kaslo Sourdough is a second-generation, family-owned business located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. Silvio and Gabi Lettrari started Kaslo Sourdough Bread in 1993. In 2015, Silvio adapted his knowledge of sourdough bread fermentation to a whole new food category – sourdough pasta. Kaslo Sourdough produces high quality, artisan sourdough bread and sourdough pasta. Our vision is that microbes are the best: we harness ancient sourdough fermentation technology to transform people’s expectations of wheat and wheat-based pasta. Shop more products by this brand!

How to recycle the packaging

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