Soy-free Garlic Sauce

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Why you'll love it

An organic, soy-free, gluten-free, and low sodium garlic sauce that your entire family will love. Perfect for most diet modalities and for those who are sensitive to soy, gluten or sugar.

Infused with garlic and other spices, use this savoury garlic sauce in a stir fry, as a dipping sauce, as a tangy marinade, or blended with vinegar and oil to make a spicy dressing.

Coconut “sap” is the healthy secret to this teriyaki sauce. Packed with nutrition, the sap is very low glycemic, and contains a wide range of minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, 17 amino acids, and has a nearly neutral pH. Note that the coconut sap does not make this teriyaki sauce taste like coconut.

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Ingredients *organic

Coconut tree sap*, Garlic*, Sea salt, Ginger*, Cayenne pepper*.

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