Chaga Mushrooms – Whole Chunk

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Chaga is an unique mushroom that grows on living birch trees that slowly obtains nutrients from its host. Used as a medicinal natural caffeine-free tea for hundreds of years, chaga has an earthly taste with a hint of vanilla flavour.

Chaga mushroom is known to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, supporting the immune system, fighting inflammation and many other great benefits! Ecoideas whole chunk chaga mushroom can be used to prepare tea.

Use: 3-5 Chaga chunks per litre of water. Simmer at 80C / 120F (do not boil) for 3-4 hours on stove top or brew in a slow cooker on low overnight. Re-use 3 to 5 times. Store used portions in the freezer in-between batches

Ingredients *organic

Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga) from living Canadian birch tree*

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