Zero-Waste Dish Soap Bar


Why you'll love it

This dish soap makes a great sink-side companion for easy dish cleaning! The suds are tough enough to cut stubborn grease and baked-on food. These powerful bars even work on laundry and carpet stains!

Made with olive and coconut oils, lightly scented with grapefruit and orange essential oils. Packaged in a reusable mesh bag. Does not include the natural pot brush (but works well with it!)

Note: the colour of the bar may vary from light cream to a deeper yellow hue based on the natural variation of different batches of oil.

Don’t forget to purchase your eco-friendly pot & dish scrubber brush to use with this zero-waste, wonderful smelling dish soap bar.

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Ingredients *organic

Water, Saponified olive oil, Coconut oil, d-limonene, Sweet orange oil, Grapefruit oil.

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