Hydrate Coconut Water Powder – Turmeric

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The world is waking up to the absolute necessity of hydration to maintain optimal health. Add one tablespoon of HYDRATE to 8 ounces of water in a reusable bottle or container. Full HYDRATE package mixed with water can produce 1.2 gallons of HYDRATE equivalent to 19 single servings at full strength.

Expiry: Dec 20, 2020 

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Ingredients (*Organic)

Freeze-Dried Coconut Water, Turmeric Root Powder*, Aquamin (calcium from marine algae)

About the brand

We are committed to the consistency and quality of the products we produce. We believe that the foods you eat should be as good for the earth as they are for you. And we believe that food should enable you to perform at the highest level, no matter what you're doing. We promise to deliver on these values with every product we create, every day. Shop more products by this brand!

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